Norm the Artist, Oughtist, and Ne'er-do-well

Here are my central art-beliefs:

1. Art should concern itself as much with behavior as it does with appearance.

2. Some of the best art happens when behavior and appearance are completely at odds with each other.

3. Economy of means is a critical part of aesthetics.

4. Art functions best, and is most needed, outside of galleries and museums.

Curriculum vitae

Short Autobiography and Credo

Here's some of the stuff I've done over the years (Click on the thumbnail for a bigger picture):

Them Fuckin' Robots (detail of male)    

I've also collaborated in a number of telecommunications projects initiated by other artists. Here are three:

  • Worldpool (1978-1979) -- Bill Bartlett (Pender Island, B.C.) and Willoughby Sharp (New York City) inspired the formation of a Toronto- based group who met weekly to discuss, generate, and critique art projects based upon the rapidly evolving communications technologies. Founding members Judith Doyle and Fred Gaysek provided the meeting space, the Queen St., Toronto office of Rumours Magazine.
  • Plissure du Texte (1983) -- Conceived and coordinated by Roy Ascott. Each of ten centres scattered around the world was assigned a fairy-tale character. Over a period of approximately two weeks, these characters interacted daily via text-only data links provided by I. P. Sharp Associates. An unedited record of the resulting text, complete with organizational discussion, is available here (380K file).

  • Ubiqua (1986) -- sponsored by the Venice Biennale and I. P. Sharp Associates. Stewarded by Robert Adrian X and Roy Ascott, it was an artists' global forum on all aspects of telecommunications.
Jeremy Turner has archived interviews with Robert Adrian X and myself with regard to the above IPSA projects:

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